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Temporary Shelter

Temporary Shelter

Product Details:


Product Description

In this day and age where people seem to be preferring portable or prefabricated structures over conventional ones, temporary shelters are the foremost choice in commercial and industrial facilities. Although primarily used to provide temporary living spaces for industrial and commercial personnel, these are sometimes also used for other purposes that include as a guest room, place where leisurely activities can be undertaken etc. Our Temporary Shelters come pre fitted with amenities that include a compact and yet comfortable to use bathroom, sufficient number of electrical output points etc. Moreover, depending on a specific requirement, other amenities can also be easily added to these shelters to suffice a particular requirement. Our valuable customers can avail these in various specifications, features etc. at market competitive rates.

Features :-

  • The temporary structures offered by us are ready to move in
  • Economical
  • Optimal thermal insulation
  • Very quick delivery and completion
  • These require minimal maintenance
  • Re-locatable/re-usable
  • The residual value of these shelters in very good after completion of use
  • Weather and termite resistant

Specifications :-

  • Wall : PUF / EPS insulated sandwich panels of 50/60mm with PPGI sheet on both sides
  • Roof : PUF / EPS insulated sandwich panels of 30/40 mm or PPGI roofing sheet
  • Doors: Insulated doors along with all the necessary accessories will be provided
  • Windows: Aluminum anodized sliding windows
  • Electrical fittings, sanitary fittings, beds etc. will be provided as per the client's requirement

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