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Prefabricated Structure
Prefabricated structures are assembled on-site with factory-made components / units. They are constructed in a short time, and at a low cost. The prefabs can withstand adverse weather conditions, and offer good architectural appearance. Economy, simple construction and practicality are the key concepts of the structures. With latest tools and innovative designs, there is considerable saving in manufacturing & erection cost.

Cold Storage Room

Cold rooms are a great solution to prevent wastage and maximize utilization. Also, they offer Eco-friendly and sustainable preservation techniques. These industrial refrigeration systems are specifically designed to meet the needs of several industries, including agro, food processing & pharmaceuticals. Our cold storage solutions help in storing farm produce, fruits, vegetables, seafood, etc.

EPS Panel
EPS Panel is a proven, cost-effective & lightweight construction material. With superior insulation properties, it is suited for various environmental conditions. The EPS panels offer flexibility in design, and help create a weather-proof & maintenance free structure. Also, there is a variety of colors and shapes. These panels give outstanding value with better functionality and controlled quality.

Polyurethane Panels
Polyurethane (PU) Panels are known for easy installation, durability and superior insulating efficiency. These panels are customizable, and aesthetically pleasing too. Also, we keep up with a range of core thickness, finishing, and other required aspects. The panels are versatile in nature, and assembled in horizontal or vertical disposition. They are great for interior as well as exterior application.

Staff Hutment Labour Hutment
We provide prefabricated hutments that are durable and cost-effective in nature. There is a variety of sizes and innovative designs, popular among businesses for easy & fast construction. The staff / labor hutments are designed for strength, safety, economy and practicality. Custom built, they show great interior and exterior details. These structures are perfect for instant accommodation, with reduced project cost & time.
Prefabricated Shelter
Prefabricated shelters are designed to meet a variety of needs & conditions. Also known as prefab shelters, these are outstanding for sheltering employees, customers, passengers, and equipment etc. They are rugged, practical and cost-effective in nature. We engineer these shelters for a dependable service, and for relocation need as well. We keep up with any size, with the concepts of modernity and safety.

Porta Cabin

Portable cabin can be assembled easily at any construction site. It is great in terms of convenience, durability and portability. Also, we make available the porta cabin in different standard sizes and configurations. There is good interior and exterior detail as well. Porta cabin utilities comprise: temporary rooms, site offices, and store house etc.

Multi Storey Building
Prefabricated multi-storey buildings are a cost-effective way of construction. They offer a great functional space with reduced construction time & cost. Also, the structures have feature of high strength, light weight and simple construction etc. The construction is particularly desirable for many different accommodation needs.

Pre Engineered buildings

Pre-engineered buildings (PEB) are outstanding structures, known for faster installation, longevity and cost-effectiveness. These buildings are customized to be high in strength & lighter in weight. Also, they can be furnished with various structural or non-structural additions. Today the building designs have become more durable, adaptable and efficient. PEB is used for diverse applications, like warehouses, factories, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, and community buildings etc.

Site Office

We design, develop & offer site offices that are robust, comfortable and secure. These are attractive and versatile construction site buildings. They provide accommodation for site officers, space for meetings and site documentation etc. The buildings are engineered to be practicable, and suitable for the workers. Also, they are designed to meet the need of most construction sites.

Prefab School Health Centers

Our prefab school health centers provide affordable and flexible solutions to many different healthcare organizations. These are designed to be versatile, secure and robust in nature. Also, they can be linked to make extended on-site facilities. A variety of building sizes and designs is available to meet all needs. Our building system is used for medical office space, community health clinic, diagnostic center, etc.

Roof Top Structure

Our roof top structures are outstanding in terms of innovation, economy and ease of installation. They are engineered to reduce installation time as well as costs. Also, there is a right blend of standardization and customization to meet any construction need. Our roof top solutions help in light-weight, durable and reliable constructions. With detailed engineering, we meet any rooftop project.

Cold Room Door

We manufacture & provide perfect cold room doors, cold storage doors that are ideal for the food industry. These are acquirable in custom sizes with a great temperature range. Also, they meet global hygiene standards. Our doors come with feature of safety, reliability and easy operating. We make sure that they are compliant with latest industrial standards.

Prefabricated Toilet

Our prefabricated toilets are designed to provide easy, hygienic & secure solution in many different places. Easily transferable and simple to install, they need little or no base preparation. Effective ventilation and sewage system is also provided. They are practical for highway restroom, construction sites, or as a temporary facility.

Railway Telecom Shelter

With our design and engineering proficiency, we provide light-weight and durable railway telecom shelters. These are designed to meet varied requirements of the industry. The shelters can withstand harsh environmental conditions, and protect telecom equipments from air, dust & moisture. Also, they offer easy on-site installation and cost-effective solution.

Ripening Chamber

Our ripening chambers are engineered to create an effective ripening process. They ensure good taste and freshness as well. We offer the chambers with appropriate air flow, temperature & humidity control. The intelligent system helps in high-quality fruits with enhanced shelf life. There is benefit of less power consumption and low operating costs.

Prefab Farm House

Our prefab farmhouses show a unique mix of traditional and contemporary designs. We keep up with perfect architectures that have a beautiful symmetry of interior and exterior features. Our design team works closely with clients to bring unparalleled creations. Also, they are engineered to be rugged, durable, Eco-friendly and economical.

Prefabricated Clean Room

With unique and flexible capabilities, our prefabricated clean rooms are perfect for all industries & applications. They are engineered for intrinsic versatility, good airflow control and cost-effectiveness. They are both, portable and modular. Our cleanrooms are used in pharmaceutical, medical, manufacturing/industrial, and other facilities. They meet the cleanliness and environmental needs of our clients.

Industrial Shed

Our industrial sheds can be used for a range of applications, such as: warehouses, factories, office buildings, hospitals, retail outlets, and more. These are pre-engineered commercial / industrial buildings. They have advantages including fast construction, consistent quality control and low costs. The sheds are produced using the best materials and proven design concepts.

Rockwool Panel
Rockwool panels are used widely in industrial and commercial building constructions. With excellent insulation performance, they are ideal for external walls, ceilings, roofs, etc. They help reduce the energy costs and provide an appropriate indoor environment. Also, we keep up with various thickness, facing and densities to meet clients' requirements.

Guard Hut Security Cabin

Our guard hut security cabins are designed for comfort, safety and practicality. They are modular in nature, and a cost-effective solution for many different areas. Using quality inputs and proven engineering, we ensure better strength, light-weight and versatility of the cabins. Also, they are rugged enough to withstand any climate conditions.

Light Gauge Steel Framing
LGSF (Light Gauge Steel Framing) is a great solution for modular construction needs. With reduced foundation costs, it offers many benefits. It is energy saving, eco-friendly, and manufactured to tight tolerances. LGSF structures can hold extreme loads, and show an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Their applications comprise: additional floor, residence buildings, roof-top office, cottages, and retail outlet etc.

Solar Mounting Structure
We design, fabricate and install solar mounting structures. With focus on innovation and cost-effectiveness, we create the best possible structures. Our proven engineering ensures reduced time, cost as well as effort. Today, we supply structures to power producers, project developers, commercial & industrial entities etc.

Solar Control Room

Our solar control rooms are designed to withstand any environmental condition. They are great in capacity, efficiency and space utilization. They are pre-engineered and prefabricated, available in various sizes and specifications. Also, our solar control rooms offer ease of installation, economy and precision. Light weight panels and other advanced components are used for the construction.

PUF Slabs

PUF Slabs are an economical and efficient thermal insulation material. They are applicable in various applications in construction industries. We make sure that the slabs are perfect in working temperature, thermal conductivity and density etc. They are used widely in ceilings, and other industrial applications. Their advantages comprise: energy savings, durability and dimensional stability.

Growing Room

We design & build modular growing rooms, and provide essential cultivation facilities. There is a mix of value engineering, cost-effectiveness and ergonomics. We offer the best possible indoor cultivation solution. It is high-yield, energy-efficient and low-cost grow space for your business. Also, we keep up with smart design and fast deployment.

Sound Proof Enclosure

We design and manufacture sound proof enclosures in various styles and types. They encompass a broad range of applications, and used in different ways. Our modular enclosures help enclose noisy equipment, and operation etc. Also, they incorporate structural integrity, flexibility and latest technology for real-time environments. We keep up with any size, shape & orientation required.

Prefabricated Control Room

Our prefabricated control rooms offer a safe, integrated and comfortable work environment. They are engineered to ensure accurate operation of your system. We design and build the control rooms for general as well as specific industry use. They are applicable for power substations, communication shelters, control center rooms, pumping stations, etc. Also they are custom-built to client's specifications, regarding any length, width & height.

Polyurethane Panel
Polyurethane panels are truly cost-effective and customizable. They provide a strong, safe and energy-efficient construction solution. They are perfect for corporate housing, governmental, and global needs. Their benefits include: outstanding insulating efficiency, easy installation and aesthetics. Also, they are appropriate for both interior and exterior use.

Sample Flat Marketing Office

We keep up with a range of sample flat marketing office. It is designed to be space efficient, practical and well-integrated. There is a perfect mix of innovation, design expertise and structural integrity. We are a major in offering quality assured portable sample flats, retail or marketing outlet. They are incorporated with unique attributes and cost benefits.