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Prefabricated Row Housing

Prefabricated Row Housing

Product Details:


Product Description

Prebaricated Row Housing is a series of modular building structures that are located in one area and similar to one another in architecture, design, size, appearance etc. Like the traditional concrete structures, these prefabricated buildings have bedroom , a large living space with an open kitchen, toilet, bathroom etc. The prefabricated Row Housing structures are widely used as worker accommodation and residential establishment in ares where land availability is limited for construction. In hospitality sector, these prefabricated structures are popularly used for establishing hotels and restaurants in isolated areas like forest, mountain, snow, sea shore etc. for accommodating tourists. The basic structure of frame of these row houses are made of lightgauge steel that is covered with insulated panels. The offered insulated panels have two layers of plywood that are bonded to the insulated core made of EPS foam. Furthermore, these panels are coated with the anti-rust paint.

Features :-

  • Options available with various finishes like PPGI/PPGI, PPGI/PPGL, PPGI/GI with paint on one side, PPGI/Cement Bonded particle Board.
  • Sturdy & strong construction
  • Can endure high wind blow
  • Light weight panels which are easy to lift & erect at any height on the roof top for extension purpose. Equipped with smoke detectors, fire fighting equipments, AC's are easily possible for safety and better facilities.
  • Insulated panels result in high energy saving
  • Flexibility of expansion and re-location
  • All weather proof construction & maintenance free
  • Dismantle & Re-assemble easily without an extra cost

Applications :-

  • Prefabricated Row Housing can be used as temporary office, meeting rooms, public accommodation, parking lots, commercial complex, shop, for temporary accommodation on construction sites.

Product Details

Materials used

Stainless Steel



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