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Pre Cooling Chambers

Pre Cooling Chambers

Product Details:


Product Description

Pre Cooling Chambers are mainly used in the horticulture industry for lowering the temperature or removing the field heat of freshly harvested produce that includes fruits and vegetable. Pre cooling process retards the early ripening of perishable items and also conserves the weight along with extending the storage life. Freshly harvested produce starts to deteriorate immediately after harvesting due to the respiration process that leads to the enzymatic oxidation, which leads to the growth of molds, loss of moisture and also Co2 & other gas generation. Pre cool chambers bring down the temperature of freshly harvested produce till it reaches to the 88% of existing differences in temperature and optimal storage temperature. These chambers are constructed using top quality insulated panels and equipped with evaporator units that suck cold air through the perforated boxes of commodities to attain the desired temperature in 3-4 hours.

Features :-

  • Hygienic, air-conditioned spaces capable of receiving, grading, and packing large volumes Facilitate quick pre-cooling of produce immediately after the harvest, for preserving the quality of texture and essence, including the nutritive value, over a prolonged period
  • Have capacity to store 15-days of produce at a time
  • These chambers have ante-rooms and dock shelters to facilitate easy and quick logistic management
  • These chambers are delivered on a turnkey basis, complete with pre-engineered building panels for walls and roofing, material handling equipments, refrigeration system, and electricals
  • They are easy to clean with optimum space and required less maintenance.

Benifits :-

  • Reduce the required workload of a cold storage.
  • Preventing softening, wilting and water loss.
  • Delaying chilling injuries for certain fruits.